Mobile Pools - What is Included?

The mobile pools that we use are fully functioning steel tanks utilising the same technology that brought the World Swimming Championships (25m) to Manchester in 2008. Total Swimming provides the following to each host location:


Steel tank temporary swimming pool, which measures 12 metres x 6 metres and is 1 metre deep, This is the optimum size for teaching children to swim. The pool will normally have access from all four side, plus two sets of poolside stairs.


Mobile plant room for the pool.


Water to fill the pool - which we alse disperse at the end of the project.


Learn to swim equipment - such as woggles and floats.


Swimming pool maintenance, including 24 hour call out


In cases where it is not possible to find a suitable site indoors, we are also able to provide a temporary structure for housing the pool outdoors, for example on a school playground or car park.

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